Avast vs AVG vs TotalAV


Keep reading to make the right choice of personal antivirus: Avast vs AVG and TotalAV.

Avast Free antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus is a good modern antivirus that has gained high popularity due to its powerful protection not only against ordinary viruses but also trojans. After the last update, Avast received a modern user interface and a list of features unique to Avast (Intelligent Scanner, Sandbox, etc.), increased productivity. The feature for which Avast has gained such popularity is the world’s largest anti-virus database, which is replenished without stopping.

Features of Avast Free Antivirus:

  • Always the latest and most complete anti-virus database
  • Real-time protection against programs that hide the presence of viruses
  • Advanced firewall
  • Modern algorithms providing high speed
  • Several customizable modes
  • The native browser called Safezone
  • Desktop widget
  • Modern and simple interface
  • The free version has full functionality

Avast, updated to the latest version, has its own sandbox in its arsenal. It is needed to test dangerous files in a separate sandbox.

The sandbox is a virtual copy of the system where you can run and check a suspicious file for malicious activity. The manufacturer even claims that some files can be cured. Thanks to this function, it became possible to avoid errors that occur when deleting a system file that, according to the antivirus, was infected.

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus Free is another antivirus that integrates directly into the system. During the launch of any program or file, the antivirus picks up the process and before giving permission for action, first checks the file for malware. One of the functions is a built-in scanner, which can be configured to run on a schedule so that the user has full control over the situation.

You can choose the time when the computer is less loaded and start checking files, then manually sort through the necessary files and disinfect them. Plus, the antivirus recently

received a modern updated interface and a nice menu.

Features AVG Anti-virus Free

  • Powerful scanning algorithms
  • Checking files before starting
  • Custom scan
  • Updates
  • Advanced security modules: email scanner, link checking
  • Simple interface

AVG is ahead of everyone thanks to its high performance coupled with low computer resource consumption. AVG Anti-Virus has already been installed on more than 5 million computers, and this still says something.

Total AV

Total AV is a good antivirus with lots of features. There are two versions – paid and free (trial). It conveniently stores and displays statistics. There is a file manager, an add-on for a regular firewall and a system loader. You can see specifically which application and how to disturb the peace of mind, and immediately take action. Unfortunately, scanning is very slow. (i5, 16gb, SSD). The advantages of this antivirus include:

  • Great feature set
  • Includes VPN
  • Intuitive and attractive interface

There are also some disadvantages to this antivirus:

  • Long scan time
  • Creation of an account for installation is required, even with the free version
  • Additional features are expensive

The features of the free version are very limited. the acquisition of additional options, in my opinion, is very expensive.

The creation of an account for installation is required, even with the free version.